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Punch needle embroidery is also known as magic needle embroidery. It is a technique that has been used since the middle of the 19th century, and is currently widely used in textile techniques such as tufting.

This type of needle is very easy to thread and at the same time penetrates easily on all types of fabrics. In addition, the ergonomic shape of the handle makes it a fantastic tool for hours of needlework without tiring yourself out.

What is punch needle and how to do it?

This is an embroidery technique, and it has the peculiarity that the wool or thread will go inside the handle as if it were the ink of a pen. This type of needles have the eye at the same end as the tip to drag the thread through the fabric as if you were writing.

The technique is basically to go poking with our magic needle, to create small loops with each stitch. This will result in a carpet texture with many aesthetic possibilities, and we will see a flat stitch on one side and a curl texture on the other.

With this technique no glue is required to finish it off at the end as with other techniques. This is achieved by putting the fabric well taut on the frames so that the holes are enlarged for the passage of the needle, and once we finish when we remove the fabric from the hoop frames it will contract holding the loops we have made without moving.

Tips for threading your punch needle

If you want to thread your magic needle, you should keep in mind that this will be a very simple process, but there are two types of punch needle:
Needles without a threader: these needles have a groove along the needle and the handle, so threading is very simple. Simply insert the thread through the eye of the needle and place the excess thread inside the groove.

Needles with threader: they need more practice, because you will have to introduce the thread inside the needle and then another one to pull the end of the thread through the eye. It can be done in one step, but if you are a beginner it is best to do it in parts.

You should choose the type of needles that you like the most so that you can enjoy yourself while developing this embroidery technique.

What is the difference between punch needle and rug hooking?

In rug hooking you will be using a hook to create loops on the front of the stitch. With one hand you hold the fiber or wool from behind and with the other hand you hook it from the front through the fabric to form the loops.

On the other hand, with the punch needle technique, the fabric is pricked and loops are created on the back side, leaving a flat stitch on the front. In this technique, unlike other techniques such as the latch hook, the fibers are not cut, but the continuous fibers are used, which can give a very nice finish.