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When you start in the world of tufting, it will not be enough just to have a tufting gun and a loom. It will also be essential that you have the tufting accessories that allow you to achieve maximum practicality, and in our store we have everything you may need.

Accessories used in tufting

There are different options of accessories that you will need when performing your tufting work, among which are:

Bobbin winder

This will help you to prepare perfect thread bobbins, thanks to this accessory will not form knots that can be very annoying when you are working. Thanks to this accessory, the thread will arrive with a great fluidity to the gun, and we will avoid stopping because the thread has come off.


It is important to have good scissors for tufting, which must be very comfortable. Keep in mind that you will have to cut the excess thread constantly on both sides of the carpet, so it is essential to have good scissors.

If you are working with a loop gun, you will have to trim the yarn every time you finish weaving a line. Keep in mind that a good pair of scissors will make your work easier and faster.

Finishing materials

In all cases, it will be necessary to have some accessories to give the final finishing touches to our masterpieces. Some accessories will be basic, such as a glue gun, glue, latex for finishing, nails, stapler or grip strips.

In our store we have all the materials you may need for all your tufting works to be perfect and you can make unique creations. Remember that the more prepared you are, the easier it will be to create rugs that are simply unique and perfect for your home.