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The main function of tufting frames is to prevent wrinkles and creases in the base fabric, ensuring that you can have a clean and professional end result. For this reason, they are basic tools when we want to have a good tufting equipment.

What types of tufting frames can you find?

Tufting frames are available in different sizes in the market. The size of the frame will be determined by the project you are going to develop, because you always have to choose one that completely adapts to your needs.

These can be used with or without legs depending on the model, and usually come ready for you to put your fabric on them. In addition, they usually have a fixing system, with which you can put it wherever you want and fix it to any type of table or countertop.

Some frames are very complete, so you can always get an option for both beginners and professional tufting.

How to choose the right tufting frame?

You should make sure that the tufting frame you are going to choose has tensioning slats, as well as the necessary hardware. The most complete ones may come with brackets, cone support and thread exit guide.

It is always important to buy a good quality frame, so that you can always get a perfect job. Keep in mind that these frames usually come unassembled, so you have to make sure you have the necessary tools to finish the assembly.

Ideally, it is best to buy frames that are made of wood, because they are of the highest quality and offer excellent resistance during use.