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The back tufting fabric is the one we are going to use to get a better finish on the back of our fabric, being perfect for carpets. The best option in these cases is to use cotton fabric with a high grammage.

This type of fabric will give a greater weight to the carpets and will allow them to lie flat on the floor. In all these cases, it will be essential that the fabric is of high quality, otherwise the backing will not be the best.

In which cases is the backing fabric used for tufting?

It is important to note that the backing tufting cloth will be used especially in cases where we are going to make carpets. In case we are making a wall loom, sometimes we can choose to use any type of fabric that we have at home and it does not have to be of high quality.

You can opt for fabrics such as felt or colored fabrics of any weight, since this fabric rarely see the back of these fabrics. In addition, as it will be hanging all the time, we will not have to worry about it coming unstuck or breaking down.

In the case of carpets, it will always be advisable to use the fabric and it is always better to use a high grammage one. This is due to the fact that the carpets, being on the floor, will be exposed to more wear and tear. For this, we will offer you a wide variety of options with which you will be able to achieve the maximum possible practicality.