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There is no doubt that for those who want to get started in the world of tufting, it is essential to have a tufting gun or tufting gun, these allow us to make carpets and large textile projects in a fairly comfortable and fast way without having to worry about the time we will invest in the process.

These guns are electric, and will allow you to weave in loop or fringe, and you can work on a fabric stretched on a frame. Its operation is fast, and will allow you to have a great efficiency in all the work you are doing.

What materials are tufting guns used with?

This is an electric gun that allows you to weave with different materials such as wool, acrylic, cotton and others. Thanks to the use of these guns you can get a simply fantastic finish in all works and in a very effective way.

In addition, we have the lowest prices you can find in the market, and we will offer you the shipping to wherever you are. You can select from different colors of Tufting guns, so you can choose the one that best suits your personal taste and your particular needs.

Keep in mind that, for maximum versatility in all jobs, it is best to opt for a gun that allows both loop and cut weaving. In this way, you will have the versatility to choose between both types of yarns, and thus you will find yourself with the greatest comfort when performing all kinds of processes.