What are the differences between Cut Pile and Loop Pile?

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To get started in the world of tufting it is important to have a good tufting gun that will allow you to create really amazing carpets. find everything you need for this technique you should visit Oh My Tuft, because you will find all the materials you will need at the best prices.

However, it is important to know which tufting gun you are going to buy so that you can properly select the one that best suits you. So, today I am going to show you how to choose between a cut pile and a loop pile gun.

What is the difference between a pneumatic and an electric model?

Pneumatic tufting guns work by means of pressurized compressed air, which activates the mechanism. However, for these to work, you will additionally need a compressed air machine or you will simply not be able to use it.

Both types of guns require mains power to operate, but electric guns will not require any additional accessories. You can simply connect them directly to the mains and you will be able to use them immediately.

Difference between Cut Pile and Loop Pile

Basically, the difference between the two types of guns will be the type of stitches you will be able to stitch for the carpets. There areCut Pile guns and alsoLoop Pile guns, although some models can do both types of stitches but not at the same time.

The difference between the two is the finish they will leave on the carpet, so let’s learn a little more about it:

Cut Pile

In this type of machine, a cutting blade is used to cut while stitching. All stitches are generated in a U-shape around the base fabric, thanks to the fact that it is executed with a looped blade.

This type of stitch is the most popular for rug making, and the length of the needle will give us the size of the thread. Depending on the type of needle used, you may have a thicker or thinner carpet.

Loop pile

In this type of gun the thread will not be cut when stitching. With this type of stitch, a loop will be created around the fabric, so you can achieve a completely different finish.

Some guns combine both technologies, and by simply interchanging a few parts of the head, you can adapt them to the type of stitch you want. The choice of one or the other will depend largely on the type of finish you want to achieve in your carpets.

What are the most recommended guns for each case?

u should consider that if you want to have a good Cut Pile pistol you should ideally opt for an AK-I model. These allow you to make your work easier when creating your designs and you will have incredible rugs.

On the other hand, for the Loop Pile technique the most recommended model is an AK-II, because these have a high quality. Keep in mind that these guns will generate a long thread to form the design, and you will always have a unique design in all your carpets.

For which cases are pneumatic guns recommended?

For home use, an electric gun can be a great solution, especially since they only need to be connected to the power source to operate. However, pneumatic guns are very good for the creation of thick carpets, since they allow an adjustment in the yarn cut from 18mm to 70mm.

However, these guns will need not only electricity, but a compressed air machine to operate. f you are going to buy this type of guns, it is best to buy a compressed air machine with a minimum pressure of 8 bar and a capacity of 200L/min for it to work properly.

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